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Chit Fund Management Software India

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Chit Fund Management Software

Chit fund is one of the integral units of Indian financial industry that is looking for continual technological empowerment to streamline business operations and provide healthy customer service. Chit fund management software is a new-age technological innovation that helps chit fund companies bring agility in the work process, build better customer relationship and have dynamic employee management in place. We at Vertex are among the best chit fund management software companies in India, delivering cutting-edge chit fund management software for all sorts and all size chit fund companies across India.

Core Features of our chit management software
  • Centralized administration of multi-branch activities, financial accounting, chit groups, chit receipts, agents, register office process, and loans

  • Easy and effective customer relationship management

  • SMS gateway integration

  • Payment gateway integration

  • Web integrated customer reports

  • Biometric staff attendance integration

  • Simple and attractive user interface, even novice user can use it like an expert

  • Remote user control

  • Automated account entries, with general ledger, trial balance profits & loss account and balance sheet
  • Core Specifications of our chit management software
  • Accounting system

  • Automated entry system

  • Decision support MIS reports

  • Employee management

  • Customer relationship management

  • Real-time reports

  • Daily collection agent details

  • Guarantor creation

  • TRIM management

  • Auction details, etc

  • Benefits of our chit management software
  • MIS reports help you evaluate daily business activities, track progress, and make decisions

  • Helps you reduce your running cost to a large extent

  • Simplifies the collection process to a large extent

  • Helps you keep a track of the chits and makes report management easier

  • Ability to monitor the transaction of each customer, income reports, and expense reports of the company

  • Avoid fraudulent activities considerably

  • Helps you record both cash and non-cash transactions
  • Why Vertex for chit management software
  • We are one of the most trusted chit fund management software companies in Coimbatore, India

  • Our software reduces the time in reports generation, significantly

  • Our software increases the quality & accuracy of information

  • Ours is one of the simplest yet highly effective software used for chit fund management in India

  • Our chit software is built on the latest technology ensuring full data security